Behold Skeightfast Dyephun!

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Life is good for skateboarders Mikey Spitface and William Boardlord. The days are long and warm, the nights are cool, and the streets are calling their names. The sweet summer grinds away beneath their boards, interrupted only by the occasional brawl with Patterson Bathtub and his goons.

And so what if they're repeating Senior Year again? It's all about rad sessions and good times. That is until their friend and local skateshop owner, Henry, gets a violent visit from some dangerous ninjas. Now our skate-tastic bros are charged with protecting an ancient artifact, which may hold the key to eternal life! It's too bad those violent strangers will stop at nothing to get their hands on it, and thats not to mention Patterson and his Oi Boys are out for blood as well!

Still, no big deal, right? Right?! Well what happens when Spitface and Boardlord screw up, thus plunging their city and everyone they've ever cared about into a zombie holocaust!?

188 pages | Black & White TPB Vol. 1 Collects Issues 1-6 | $10.00 US

Suggested for Mature readers: Contains violence, foul language and all types of ill shit.

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Skeightfast Dyephun