Victor Giannini



AIM: facialdefecation

News: "Scott Too", a novel by .... um, me coming from Silverthought Press Spring 2012!

Whether its' an alligator tailsliding his own tail, or a bugged out skeleton sipping Atom Ale on an atomic beach, you can find Victor's world of neon demons and burning asphalt at his personal site, this poor ADHD failed at sorcery, so now its media arts.

Victor Giannini

Writer and artist by day, fire fox cat god by night, Victor Gianninicontinues to write magical realism, romantic fiction, weird shit in general, design 80's inspired neon puke intenstine blood skate boards, worship the moon for all the good people in his life, fight for good stuff, skate but needs a cane, and keeps making stupid decisions at a staggering rate. The cruel math of the universe cannot keep up. He also single handedly crafts the manic skate epic, "Skeightfast Dyephun", designs skateboards for indy companies and vagabonds,
and makes shirts for Daydream Silkscreen and DYDRM (though by now they may have burned down).

Somehow he also teaches creative writing and knows way too much about Batman and the Joker.

Victor Giannini True Face

You must read to survive!  Climb buildings and punch open windows to find books!

Victor Giannini used to be a cat.  There is no arguing that cats would
make most excellent skaters.  Prowling the moonlight parking lots, slapping curbs and ripping boneless across patches of dying grass, Victor dreams of days thrashing with the Summer School Death Crew. 


Victor's words and doodles show up in:

Carrier Pigeon

Space & Time Magazine

The Southampton Review

Silverthought: Ignition (IPPY Honored 2006)


Thank You Death Robot (IPPY Silver Award)


Italics Mine

Hampton Daze



5-0 Skatezine

Thrash Compactor

Focus Skatemag

Beach Plums

Poor Choice

Unity Skateboards

Substance Skateboards

The East Hampton Star

The Literary Bone

Concrete Wave

Fangoria: Night of the Living Decks

and a bunch of other weird art shows.

He also designed a boardgame for Planet Toys,

based on a major CBS property .... That was really weird.


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  • Thank You Death Robot
  • Satirica: An Anthology of Speculative Fiction
  • Silverthought: Ignition
  • Comics

  • Skeightfast Dypehun Series
  • TiME
  • Shirts/Clothing

  • DYDRM - "Lizard Boy Becomes A Man"
  • Unity - "American Psycho"


  • "The Monster of Sunset Park"
  • "Bridge Pee"
  • "The Shark Engine Enigma"
  • "Thank You Death Robot"
  • "Sin Corazon"
  • "Depend On Your Feet"
  • "Word of the Psychic Bug Ch.1"
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  • "Air"
  • "Fortunate Oddity"
  • "The Dangers of Smoking"

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